Ultra low-power Voltage regulator cell now available in 55nm

MOSCAD Design & Automation has released a new version of its ultra-low power voltage regulator cell in UMC 55nm Low Power CMOS process.

Total power consumption, to which leakage is an increasing contributor, is increasing as technology scaling progresses. This poses a challenge in reducing power consumption of cells designed to be used in 65/55 nm and below.

New member of the NXO family of silicon oscillators

MOSCAD Design & Automation, Sarl announces the release of a new member in the NXO family of fully integrated silicon oscillators. This new cell is a dual frequency version designed to operate at 192 MHz respectively 144MHz. Like the other oscillators of the NXO family, it shows excellent precision combined with low power consumption and a small footprint. The cell is silicon proven and currently available in TSMC 0.13µm Generic CMOS technology.

New very low power voltage regulator

MOSCAD Design and Automation announces the release of a very low power 3.3V to 1.2V Linear Voltage regulator. The cell is implemented in 0.13µm CMOS technology and is currently available for UMC technology. The maximum internal current, including the built-in bandgap, is less than 1.8µA. This makes the cell ideally suited for low power and battery operated applications.

MOSCAD introduces NXO Technology

MOSCAD is announcing the first silicon oscillator using its ground breaking NXO technology. The high precision oscillators is available as a semiconductor IP module for ASIC, SoC or Full Custom IC applications and permits replacing expensive quartz or ceramic resonator based solutions. The fully integrated silicon oscillator has a precision that is better than 1000ppm over full temperature range (-20°C to 95°C).

Release of 500MS/s LVDS I/O Cells in 0.13µm CMOS Technology

MOSCAD Design and Automation announces the release of a set of I/O cells fully compatible with the Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) standard. The cells are implemented in 0.13µm CMOS technology and are currently available for TowerJazz semiconductor. The cells can operate at a transmission rate of up to 500MS/s and exhibit a power consumption of 0.65mW and 10.9mW for the receiver and transmitter, respectively.

Release of fully silicon proven ADC

MOSCAD Design & Automation announces the release of a new, fully silicon proven, 13-Bit, 2.56MS/s Successive Approximation ADC. The ADC is manufactured in a standard 0.18µm CMOS process (no MiM, no double poly). The converter shows excellent dynamic performance and a very low power consumption (< than 5mW).

MOSCAD introduces a new bandgap for UMC 0.5µm

MOSCAD Design & Automation introduces a new bandgap circuit for process UMC 0.5µm. This cell BG1V25U05 shows an excellent power supply rejection ratio of 80dB and consumes less than 50µA.

MOSCAD introduces a temperature detector

MOSCAD Design & Automation introduces a new temperature detector cell TDVA1P0S for SMIC 0.18µm low-leakage process.