Ultra low-power Voltage regulator cell now available in 55nm

MOSCAD Design & Automation has released a new version of its ultra-low power voltage regulator cell in UMC 55nm Low Power CMOS process.

Total power consumption, to which leakage is an increasing contributor, is increasing as technology scaling progresses. This poses a challenge in reducing power consumption of cells designed to be used in 65/55 nm and below.

The VR3_12_1 provides a 1.2V output with an input ranging from 1.6 to 3.6 V. It offers ultra-low quiescent current of less than 2µA, including the built-in Bandgap reference circuit. This makes the cell ideally suited for wireless portable devices and any other battery operated devices.

The VR3_12_1 is a member of MOSCAD’s family of High-Performance analog and mixed-signal IP which can be easily integrated into Analog- or Mixed-Signal SoC’s.

Specifications and product brief